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  • I've really enjoyed reading all these. Thanks everyone for sharing. I, myself, submitted political non-fiction --- a book about why the progressive movement is failing...
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    As I dug into the story it all began to make sense. Who am I you ask? I am Private Investigator Peter Paul. “Jimmy what makes you feel that you don’t belong in the Ste...
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  • Yeah, Sara, I have something to say about that. MacAdam Cage went bankrupt. I have a friend who had a novel published there, and she's not even sure where the books ar...


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    #FoodFic Friday Do you know the difference between a K Ration and a D Ration? Learn now from Guest Author James Shipman:
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    Sylvia in a bookshop with her books 19/12/19 Sylvia broadcasting on Phoenix FM in 2017 IF you want something done ask a busy person! This certainly applies...
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    Must one's alter ego need share one's taste in food? #FoodFic


  • Ah, I guess that was poorly phrased, how provincial of me! Thank you.   If ever you feel a need to connect with someone there, contact the Greater London Domestic Viol...
  • Let me share a little story about rejection that started in 1968 and continued until December 2007. Because this story has to do with hundreds of rejections over 39 ye...
  • I write for hope.  That the portraits of moments in the journey of one, will be recognizable to others in their own journey and, that this will create the soulful bond that disempowersthe aloneness of life.  I write to smile.