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    ...a professional fitness instructor to be guided along your weight loss journey. In addition to that, you nee...time. Adhere to your sessions. You need to commit with the fat loss journey and take it seriously. Re...
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    ...people feel and the more they learn that healing is possible. I'd like to learn and share your dreams, hopes, and projects as you navigate your journey after abuse. Make this lifet...
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  • Hi Victoria, Thanks for posting and sharing your journey with self-publishing with us. You are very brave and can do it! As for editing and reading resources, there is one I can sugge...


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    Mary Krakow posted a status
    ...ices. He was widowed when Mom was a girl of seven. That was the extent of my knowledge. Richmond John Tormey (1884-1951) is where my genealogy journey begins. My mother’s half-sist...
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    ...advice comes from years of experience. His unique perspective on creating ideas has been tried and tested and proven to work. He takes us on a journey, giving us the techniques to...
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    ...s such as Canva and iStock), and you need to hire a top-notch formatter. First steps, and they are the beginning of many you need to take in this journey. You want a professional pr...


  • Your article is spot on, and I'm going to look for your book as I love well-researched historical fiction with well-developed characters. I just learned She Writes Press is going to publish mine and am looking forward to the journey.
  • coping tools available to me (after all writing was one of my very early "puppy loves"). I've been on a very healing and necessary recovery journey. I've received this same adv...
  • I, too, enjoy romance novels, because they have a nice ending, but just as your article states, we don't really know how the couple will get to HEA from book to book or by each author. With each book, the journey is so much fun and so worth reading. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.