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    ...e to know your thoughts on this - what are your favourite platforms? Have you used others? What are your personal recommendations? * lacks SEO / Keyword optimisation
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  • Man, Beverly, thanks for that reference to Intense Debate.  I've seen that Comment Luv on other blogs and just thought it came with their template. Kathryn, many blogg...
  • ...tion for "Plugins." This feature will let you search a variety of plugins or widgets that you can place on your website. You can search through a keyword. For example, "Facebook," "Go...


  • help you brag a little more about yourself. Most of us are too reticent or modest to write our own marketing materials. The bio should also be keyword-rich. A good metadata strateg...
  • Rachel, I'm not seeing the option to filter by journals that pay. Did you use a specific keyword? I tried "pays" and that didn't seem to do the trick. Suggestion? Thanks!
  • ...ook. It can be gotten through Etopia, at Amazon:, at B&N: