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  • Started by Jenny Steffan skirt is a classy option to consider trying because it’s also a versatile option. Mini skirts can be made from knitted fabrics, wool, leather, and organza. Crochet T...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...s to consider. A common misconception is that leather will give off that for a tough-guy vibe and want to wear full leather jeans, then opt for unbleache...s.   There are four main types: Denim, leather, corduroy, and twill. Denim i...
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  • Started by April Katko went through three shops.  The first of the three shops was cooking/leather design. The teacher Mrs. Jans...t a quarter into if you cursed in her class. By the end of the cooking/leather design shop the two schools d...
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    Mary Krakow posted a status
    ...alogy research. I never met my maternal grandfather. As a child, everything I knew about him was contained in a spring-loaded 5x12 inch black leather case. The hard case was ke...


  • Splendid level of writing! I propelled from this perusing fiction and potentially caught material for my utilization. Much obliged for sharing your own Story! Matt Long Ghost Rider Jacket
  • I love books - the sound of paper, the feel of a binding, especially a leather one, the varieties of typefaces.  All of the above.  But my cup  [or my bookshelves] runneth over and I...
  • ...ted self,  and Penelope Bridgewater, who carried a white ruffled hanky sprayed with fresh rose water each morning and a big red leather purse, with an assortment of leather, crocheted, and plastic make...