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    Hack Mod Cheats Glitch Scavenger     Creators Peter Skogvold Scavenger...i relly like the game. but being a casual gammer i woud relly like a slower mode. its perfeckt for you get gut...
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  •   Just read your posting today Eileen. Your paragraph which includes  the mention of Ivor Novello is sitting just above the comment box. I remember all of his songs. h...
  • Hi Victoria, I'm knee-deep in two books, just had one published (post-partum effect), and blogging is definitely easier for me than working on those waiting chapters....


  • Hi Shelley. Recently joined She Writes. My name is Mary Walton-Moore. I am an author and a minister for over 30 years. I had a television and radio ministry for many years. My book is titled Revelations of Truth for Humanity.
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    Cedar Hawk Songmaker was born and lived all her life in Minneapolis. Yet she's never heard the music of ice breaking in the Mississippi River, and she’s seen just one...
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    “I like my froofy drinks froofy and my blue-collar brew as bitter as burned oven scrapings.” ~Julep Dupree #FoodFic


  • You are a shot in the arm today for me as I have been in "promotion mode" since June 25 when my memoir (Re)Making...
  • Oops - I spoke to soon.  Just realized the image needs to be resized.  When you're in visual editor mode, click "edit" on the photo and resize to 300?  Thank you Mary!!
  • The final sentence covers it well Terri and of course (She's a city girl without the knowledge and skills needed for country life--thus, a tenderfoot) Congradulations Mary, will have to get more reading time to explore it myself ! Sincerely