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  • Started by Emiliana Martín
    Has anyone ever had their site optimized? If so, what was the process? What were the results? What did you have to do differently?
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  • Oh Amy, Agree, agree, agree. It is a terrifying world. Earlier this summer, I had been feeling soooo pressured to figure out how to use all this Twitter, LinkedIn, bl...
  • Hello, all! :) I blog all over the darn place: Savvy B2B Marketing Blog: Collaborative blog with my 5 fabulous...


  • Hi Kamy, I will be happy to give you my two cents on the matter.  As a successful self-published author, publishing consultant and book publicist...I am a HUGE fan of...
  • thanks, Jan. And I went to their site too, and read a guest blog about search engine optimization. Thanks for sharing all the good stuff.