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    ...o impulsivity. For example, they can be more mindful by living in the moment, having fun, or exercising. It is also essential for parents to have patience with their kids and show them...
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    ...person who will treat you will take a look at it and decide how many seating you will need. There are minimum side effects and hence you can keep patience for the time taken till the p...
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  • ...f through my emails eagerly daily, with my heart pounding anticipating that magical return respond asking for more chapters from my book. I know patience is the key, so I have gotten...


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    Hi Lynn, I do not mind being patient, but patience takes so long to learn. Just kidding. Have a good writing day.
  • ...ust be patient with myself and others must be patient with themselves. We humans have strong resistance and opinions. “Patience pays” said Yogi Bhajan and “If we don’t have patience: we are bound to be a patient...


  • Maria Murnane commented on her article Outline or No Outline?
    @Raine, I agree that it's a brain wiring thing. I liken it to the way I prepare for a trip abroad or somewhere I've never been. I tend to wing it, while others create a detailed itinerary for every day. I just don't have the patience to plan a vacation that way haha.
  • ...earlier readings and see what hits...and I also adjust to the audience demographics as much as possible. I wish sometimes, though that I had the patience with my work (or maybe confid...
  • ...the home, but want so much to earn a prosperous living (aka pay all of the bills with some savings set aside) while doing what I love.  It takes patience and determination, but I have...