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  • Happy Valentine's Day! Now, Put Your Penis Away.
  • My humor book How Not To Act Old, based on my blog of the same name, comes out from Harper this week. I'm reviewed in the Wall Street Journal today and also have a men...
  • Congratulations, Pam! All sounds pretty darn fantastic. Love your energy! Enjoy and best to you. Julie Pamela Redmond Satran said:My humor book How Not To Act Old, ba...


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  • It's very simple. If you are "confused" about this recently, it means you are looking for justification to cheat on your own spouse or partner or else believe the bs o...
  • I believe the RCMP, etc. have their own troubles with race and rape. They are only recently bothering to pursue the serial killings of so-called aboriginal women raped...
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man insecure about his own writing tale...a sign of amazing skill.   Also, since women do the majority of reading in our modern world, and also do a substa...