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    Home improvement projects are popular with homeowners because they’re effective ways to...
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    Is there anyone else who likes to think in multiple languages? Today, having finished Frederique Deghelt's book, "La Vie d'Une autre" which is about a woman who suffe...
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  • Yeah, like right now I look at all of the "spring cleaning" I haven't done for several springs! That is what I am working on now. My allergies are going nuts with the dust and pollen.
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     Would appreciate any comments,cheers.                                                               The Prologue: Leaving Annwn   ...
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  • Late to this post but in the past, I've dragged my beach umbrella into the backyard when desperate to work outside but unable to find a suitable spot of shade. That wa...
  • Oh Nava! Vegetarian was the first vegetarian cookbook I owned. You introduced me to an extraordinary world of grains and vegetables and now here you are, filling my he...
  • The pollen, cat hair and dust that covers my house and makes me sneeze. Not sure I'm going to miss very much actually. Better think on it awhile.