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  • ...rea)].  Most of my works are set between 1815 - 1915, settings range from East & West coast of US to European Continent [England/Wales/France/Portugal].
  • Upper middle-grade historical Portugal "carving" fantasy 
  • The Portuguese Tile Maker, by Stephanie Renée dos Santos. Art, navigating life during and after disasters in 1755 Portugal and life in Brazil.


  • Kamy, I knew I would "like" this, and I did--on FB and I tweeted it, but (from Portugal) I've only now been able to read the whole post carefully, and I am so moved by what you have wr...
  • Absolutely magnificent piece, I felt as though I were there with you in the sunshine on the beach, relaxed, if only for a day. Thank you for sharing a slice of Portugal with us!
  • ...-of-memories-iii ("A City of Memories III"). This particular post describes a moment when past and present, and different geographies (the US and Portugal), blended inunexpected ways,...