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    Organizing data is a stressful task. What's more, managing human resource...
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  • We had known each other for years before we married but I had not known of the term “High functioning Autism”. Our separation to work on issues took us to the care of...
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    Due to multiple helpful innovations, people are proficient in getting the convenience of doing stuff. We all know that generation of the 21st century is extremely busy...
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  • Kathy, thank you. I visisted both of your sites and subscribed to One More Serving. They are both uplifiting and I will enjoy visiting. Thank you for sharing.


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    When asked about the inspiration for my novel, I answer simply: “I love libraries.” Libraries of all shapes and sizes; new libraries and old libraries; libraries here,...
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    Al Jaffee: MAD Magazine’s All-Around “Mentsh” with Much “Tam” About a year ago at this time, I interviewed two recently emerged and international musical performers...
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    I'm a Jewish historical novels and director of The Writers Circle, serving five NJ locations with creative writing classes for kids, teens, and adults.


  • Hi again. It's a little difficult for me to advise as I haven't seen the MS, but if you're not writing flashback in the present tense, it's important to make the even...
  • Thank you for this. Setting goals and then following through...that's what I need. My usual setting writing goals and then following through with a quarter of them, is not serving me.
  • Great post--lots of food for thought! With my memoir, I'm not writing chronologically, at least at this point. A structure I'm working with now has the work beginning...