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    Break Away I can’t stand sickness She’s always thinking of her Have to get away by the hands of Catherine Richardson Words changed Friend no more partner I’d expect...
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    I'd like to hold a SKYPE session where we can all gather and discuss the topic: "Who We Are & Where Do We Want to Take Our Writing?" Addressing this question mean...
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  • Whew! There is a lot here Zetta. You touched on quite a few topics. You went from sterotypes to black family make-up to teling different stories. It's late and I need...


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    Grocery Shopping During Covid-19 Instead of my usual little informative blogs, here is a story for you. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I walked around feeling as...
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    When asked about the inspiration for my novel, I answer simply: “I love libraries.” Libraries of all shapes and sizes; new libraries and old libraries; libraries here,...
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    Hi, Lizzie. It looks like you haven't yet found followers. I am not a former Amish, but have long been fascinated by people who leave intensely structured religious co...


  • Thanks for sharing!  I've only recently joined, and have not yet used the available features.  Now I'm going to be checking out the groups, and hopefully find a critique group to gather input and provide some as well.
  • Hi, Caryn and all! As a fellow lurker in this community who has recently bitten the bullet and started her agent search and who is also in higher ed, I feel your angst...
  • What a brilliant post. I do this now and then but I didn't know I was writing 'small stones'. What a great way to keep writing and gather inspiration. Thanks for this. I'll pop over to your site to read more.