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  • Started by Gabriela Lessa
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that a new contest is up on my blog!   The guest judges are four acquiring editors at Sourcebooks, and there are no middle ju...
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  • Started by Sheana Ochoa
    Last reply by Veronica Young
    Hi, I just launched a blog on wordpress and I want to connect with my followers, and even know who they are so I don't requ...
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  • Dear sarah and petrea, is this more specific? Feels like im trying to enunciate with a mouthful of marbles. Dear insert well- researched name of agent Past and presen...


  • Maggie Smith posted a message for Meg Waite Clayton
    I joined Shewrites a while back but under a different email. I requested to join the novelist writers group and see my request is still pending from a long time ago....
  • Stephanie Noble posted a status
    At the request of my meditation students, I have written a book titled A Woman's Guide...Foundations of Mindfulness, focused on addressing the needs and challenges of modern women. If anyone is interes...
  • Samon Rathi posted a message for Crystal Lee Patriarche
    Hi Crystal, I am Samon Rathi writing to request you to please post my one article through your profile. Moreover, I am quite new and my account is in pending status. Kindly post my content. Please reply at [email protected]


  • This resonated with me completely, Cindy!  In order to "be a real writer," I had to month!) or whatever the latest request was.  Now that I'm in full promotion mode with my first novel, I've eve...
  • I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but this might prove interesting reading (and the whole journal a valuable resource)
  • Olga-- well now, you're a great example of knocking, right? I am looking forward to hosting you on my blog and wouldn't have known about your book if you hadn't put out a request. Now THAT takes courage. Keep knocking and writing. A book--wow-- talk about seizing an opportunity.