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    Okay, imagine a construction outfit builds a home—and then finds the drawing that shows the full basement it’s supposed to have. Or, you run what’s easily your best ma...
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    There are different methods to reduce the excess fat of your body and you may have tried many of those methods. These methods are dieting, extensive workout and leadin...
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  • Truth. There is so little truth in normal conversation. People either want to be sure they don't hurt anyone's feelings, or they want to be cute instead of insightful....
  • I actually got into a fight on HuffPo, the other day, about this article.  As a young mom (my daughter was 5 months old at the time), we discovered that my husband was...
  • You know, I was adopted to a mother, father and sister who all had the same concept of sharing inner pain - they didn't. And of course that made me - someone who felt...