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  • By the way, I also had a preemie, born at two and a half pounds, who spent seven weeks in the NICU. She's now 26, living in Chile and just completed her master's thesis in international health--inspired, in part, by her beginnings. Life is amazing!
  • How many pages have you written? Structuring your memoir should really come in revision - when you've got at least 100 pages, and you see themes beginning to emerge. I...
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    I kept trying and failing to write about International Women's Day all morning.  I wan...herself as insufficient as a woman because she couldn't have children, and how modern American women have more pr...
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    My maiden book-Flotsam of the Mind, a collection of my poems ( made it to the Bes...
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    Check out an all new podcast with @MediumThomas John, author of “Never Argue with a Dead Person”.
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    My Kind of Guy By Paddy Bostock This is a wonderful contemporary comedy with a twist of romance and fantasy. I love the story on so many levels. It is also poignan...


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    Hi Kamy, Yes! To Jean Casella's great list of international women writers (in translation), I would add the following writers (some write in English, some in other lan...
  • "Most writers of the new milliena are international call girls dancing on tune of market." Anonymous. #WhyIWrite
  • My interview with singer-songwriter Brooke Campbell was published today at Brooke will be appearing in New York City on January 29 under the auspices of International Arts Movement. (Information about the event is included at the end of my interview.)