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    ...e And some honest talk Maybe a little sleep And midnight's dream And when you wake In the morning Oh my  And find you're still there Yes you were snoring Breathing and exhaling Know t...
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  • ...o make it to 10K but I was just too tired. I didn't sleep very well last night, was up until 3AM thanks to a combination of noisy neighbors and a snoring husband. I hope I can write a...
  • ...or a dog. There are many dog and cat lovers among us -- mine are Sadie and Pepper (named for two Beatles songs), two Newfoundland sisters who are snoring in the corner. Look forward t...


  • Does anyone else plan on attending? I think I'm going to attend. Well check things out more in the morning. Thanks for posting this! How about sharing a room. I don't mind sharing with strangers. I am a non-smoker and use a CPAP at night so no snoring on this end.   Hugs!! Cat
  • ...ther less than a year, a whirlwind romance - that I was going to start snoring. The hormones mess up my nasa...d at me a bit horrified, but got used to the idea in time for when the snoring really began, around 5 months...
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    Thanks for the comments, ladies! And, yes, a collage of collective writing spaces, be they in bed beside a snoring husband, in the car while the kids are napping, in a converted chicken coop or on the kitchen table--would be lovely to see!