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  • You can go crazy second-guessing publishers and reviewers. Will all your characters be Hispanic? Is the book specifically about the Hispanic community? If so, your no...
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    L-R: Mary L. Tabor, Ananda Leeke, Shawna J. Kenney, and Glen Finland Happy First Year Anniversary! Last night I (
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    Calling all DC area women writers! Join me for the DC She Writes meet up on September 29 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Teaism (located at the corner of 8th and D Streets,...
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    My friend Himanee Gupta asks, “Could there be a way to think of America differently?” She offers a model for doing just that in her h...


  • Hi Joy, In Hawaii, where I grew up, Asian traditions were absorbed by the island culture. Taking off our shoes, etc. It was in every household.  Thanks for sharing.  I will check out your blog.  My first name is pronounced without the "h".  Feel free to use it!  
  • It sounds like you are not getting a lot of help from your publisher.  For DC, have you already tried Politics and Prose? You are guaranteed to get a good crowd there,...
  • Bio: I have an essay "I Have Something to Tell You" published in Jennifer Skiff's anthology, Harmony Books/ I self-published half of Roughneck Daddy and have given rea...