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  • Just bought Lori Tharps "Substitute Me".....can't wait to dig in which I will do after I finish Anjuelle Floyds "The House." Loving all these "She Writers" books! Amy
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    I've just joined She Writes. It seems from the photos that most of the members are much younger than I am (I'm 74.) Though I certainly keep up with modern life and write in a variety...
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  • Started by Kathleen Kern
    I stayed up until midnight on January 23, because the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award opened on 12:01 am on the 24th.  I was too wired to sleep afterwards.  Someone of...
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  • Honoring my Soul November 22, 2018 | Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli Monday November 19, 2018 The moon entered into bold, take charge and self-confident Air...


  • Thank you for saying what I've been teaching in the classroom as a substitute teacher. This is something I always catch; it kind of glares at me like a neon sign.
  • Writing has always been therapeutic for me. I discovered journaling while I was in high school, which offered me an outlet both to explore the process of my thinking a...
  • I really enjoyed Lori Tharps' memoir Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain, and I'm looking forward to her forthcoming novel Substitute Me about the complex relations...