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    Hello Everyone, I am writing to introduce myself. I hope many of you will make friends with me. I have a new venture writing a television pilot for a dramatic series,...
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    When my kids were younger I did not allow to watch TV and only educational games were allowed on the computers.  As a result they played with leggos, beanie babies, Th...
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  • The marriage was over when I stopped waking my husband to come to bed at night.  For a long time he would start drinking when he got home from work and then stop for d...


  • Hi Shelley. Recently joined She Writes. My name is Mary Walton-Moore. I am an author and a minister for over 30 years. I had a television and radio ministry for many years. My book is titled Revelations of Truth for Humanity.
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    I LOVE movies, television, art and theater almost as much as I love writing. I feel both are interdependent and watching other writers' stories as well as reading them makes me learn more about the craft of writing. Through my blog, I hope to share my love of media and art.


  • Pamela, ambitious schedule!  I wish you all the best... I'm doing a "non-body" strategy to build an audience for my book:  Radio.  Like you, I have a book topic that i...
  • Olga...I actually feel the opposite: Down here in San Diego, I feel like there are too many possibilities and not enough time. Here in San Diego alone, there are liter...
  • A kind of self-hypnosis, much like what you describe here. Once you get to a certain point with a book project, the advanced stage, it's about ignoring naysayers and c...