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    Hello Everyone, I am writing to introduce myself. I hope many of you will make friends with me. I have a new venture writing a television pilot for a dramatic series,...
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    When my kids were younger I did not allow to watch TV and only educational games were allowed on the computers.  As a result they played with leggos, beanie babies, Th...
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  • I normally write at home; no music, no television, no sound in the house. I need silence to find my words. I have no children, no husband and luckily my dog is usually...


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    I LOVE movies, television, art and theater almost as much as I love writing. I feel both are interdependent and watching other writers' stories as well as reading them makes me learn more about the craft of writing. Through my blog, I hope to share my love of media and art.
  • Hi Shelley. Recently joined She Writes. My name is Mary Walton-Moore. I am an author and a minister for over 30 years. I had a television and radio ministry for many years. My book is titled Revelations of Truth for Humanity.


  • I have always gotten up two hours earlier than anyone else in my home and go to bed at least one to two hours later.  I have four more hours in every day, twenty eight...
  • Let's see what I can do with this: Surprises, Disasters, and Dreams – Oh My! Surprises:  It is hard to surprise me so when it happens it's big.  My husband and I are o...
  • I love old houses and they inspire me! The television show "If Walls Could Talk" was one of my all time favorites. Old houses have so much character and so much histor...