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  • Hi, (I am new to She Writes and I am not sure if I have posted right?) My working tile to an historical novel, The Tile Maker, set mid-18th century Lisbon, Portugal ab...
  • How about going a little longer' The Portugese Tile Maker ... and then a verb and an object, encapsulating the plot?   Is the ms. literary or commercial? The genre might inform your decision.
  • The Portuguese Tile Maker, by Stephanie Renée dos Santos. Art, navigating life during and after disasters in 1755 Portugal and life in Brazil.


  • Anna,   Thank you for post-posting, many points resonated with me.  Have a good summer of fun writing as I will attempt too!   Best,   Stephanie Renee dos Santos Author of the forth coming historical novel The Tile Maker
  • I understand this syndrome very well. I quit smoking 12 years ago. I did find a healthy substitute, though, that allowed me to get the dreaming/plotting/visualizing, e...
  • When I first self-published, I used CreateSpace (and their ISBNs -- since you own the rights, you can always publish under other ISBNs elsewhere if you want), and I na...