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  • I agree.  If I wrote everyday, even when I was not inspired, I would trash 75% of my writing.  When I have a deadline, I write more often (deadlines actually inspire me!).  When I don't have a deadline, I'm thinking about my latest project a lot, and doing research.  And, I don't write every day.  
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    Fifteen-year-old Gordie Allen’s life shattered when he was ten and his mother drove her car into the river, killing herself and his younger siblings. He knows he was l...
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    Hey ladies. I need your help on solidifying the title for my novel-in-progress. I've been racking my brain for several days, and filling page after page with allitera...
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    Call Me A Woman Please When I turn 18 will you call me a woman? If not, when I am 21, 30 or maybe 50? How old must I be before you call me a woman? If I become...


  • Lori, I can't speak from experience as my memoir is still in first draft stage but I think you have to really look at the negative reviewer. That she/he spent so much...
  • I write to sort the information clutter that accumulates in my mind: Should it be sold, given away, recycled, or thrown in the trash?
  • Brooke!  I know, I know, there are days that become weeks when the muse has absconded, without leaving a forwarding address; the train has left the station and you are...