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    My husband has just renewed my subscription to Writer's Magazine and I may buy myself some pads and pens with my Christmas money. What about you?
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    If you are looking for the one of the pioneers of the LED machinery then you should go with Lipo Light LEDs online that comes with best outcomes for the people. You wi...
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  • She stood staring at her face in the hospital restroom mirror—shocked at how yellow her eyes were more pronounced with the light coming into the window behind her. She...


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    Well, I can't say I'm back... not until I complete Saoirse, but... I'm making steps toward my return. Anyway, hello everyone... how's The Rona treating you? Hope you'r...


  • I have a few variations of the above- my cat won't let me work because he keeps jumping on the keyboard and playing with the words on the screen as I type (this is tru...
  • Thanks Deborah - finally got round to reading this and it was well worth it! In terms of through-lines, I like that you've brought this up because it's something I st...
  • I got a chuckle out of some of the solutions to being "stuck" your friend Amy offers. They are absolutely on point. When I get stuck here are some of the things I do:...