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  • Started by Marcia Fine
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    I find BB women in particular are stressed about their kids, their parents, their jobs or lack thereof. Even husbands can be a source of ongoing aggravation. I've put...
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  • Started by Shreya Sanghani
    Hello all, I'm super-pleased to announce that we've started posting on the Survivor Chronicles site, which is actually a free wordpress blog. We're utilizing the blog...
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  • Started by Emily Cerda
    Last reply by Sharon Ferguson
         I'm the biggest procrastinator ever! And I'm not proud of it! I've been on this one particular project for ten years. I'm not joking. It's really been a decade......
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  • Julie Ryan McGue posted a status
    Touched By Adoption More On Rejection & Some Advice About Coping In a recent a...e eased with an apology or a good night’s sleep. Just like minor slights, moderate hurts – like sharing a co...


  • Words of wisdom, though in my case I worry that I've let the fear of having my name become associated with "crap" keep me from utilizing social media, sharing my writi...
  • Ann
    I have run into this as well lately. Negative Nelly's scaring the bejeezus out of me. I see authors promoting their work in good ways and bad ways but what scares me a...
  • Thought-provoking post! I find it curious to think of intuition as a thing to be fostered. That we must learn our craft, and then it becomes second nature and (a sort...