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    Looking back, how have you got on so far? What are you looking forward to this week? How do you feel about the word 'acceptance'? How do you get on with the exercises? Do share any creative writing you do too.  I look forward to hearing from you all.
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      On sorrows'wings I journeyed to a land where I had never been. Each loss was undiscovered country,landscapes I had never seen,mountains I had never climbed. I had...
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  • That's how my chapbook was accepted. I submitted it to a contest, didn't win, wasn't a finalist, thought no more about it, especially as I'd already revised it & m...


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    Window of Tolerance During these uncertain and frightening times, I do a lot of wondering about just how all of us put up with cruelty, racism, random fear, greed...


  • Renate, Thanks for the heads up and for including parts of the fine Trivia editorial and contents. The opening paragraph made me think of a Centrum workshop led by Dor...
  • Evalyn: I'm so glad you wrote this. As great as Richard Ford's quote is, I got more out of what YOU had to say! It moved me and resonated deeply. I think I felt the sa...
  • Go for it! The spreadsheet is really helpful and motivating. Mine has columns for the name of the residency, the cost (if any), the location, duration, how i would nee...