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  • ...want their ebooks carried by libraries? For instance, my book is available in both the Kindle and Nook formats, but I've no idea how to get them accessed by libraries. My small press...
  • ...of blogs in the general area of nature writing that you might want to check out.  One is one my website and the other can be accessed from that website.  It's call...
  • Started by Erika Dreifus SheWriters. Local broadcast dates/times vary, but all four stories (by Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer, Tamar Yellin, Elisa Albert, and me) can be accessed here:
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  • Hi Gerry, and thank you! This story can also be accessed through my public blog, American Stories NOW: That should make it easy for your group. Give them my best, and my best to you too! Mylene
  • Siggy, I accessed your blog spot (WGY), but when I clicked on "submissions," there was no link. I'd be happy to contribute something. What, in particular, catches your fancy?
  • ...rimo-updates-2010/ ) Anyone doing it? Any tips for me? Again, thanks for the 'follows'. :) And thanks, Jan, for starting this. I have barely even accessed She Writes yet.