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    Writing makes the world go round but sometimes it’s hard to get your creative juices flowing. You might be stressing about work, your family, a fight with a friend, or...
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    By Gen
    I've had the same struggle, Ellen. At my last job, I wrote profiles and stories for an alumni magazine, and I thought it was such good practice to have to pare down my...
  • Started by Migdalia Torres
    The letter A Word Flow accomplish always awaiting Can I get some help with the Letter A for this month of February 2019? Keep it going! Let's make this a Fun Page of Word Flows!
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  • Linda Weaver Clarke posted a status
    Follow Your Dreams: Dreams are a part of life and they come straight from the heart. If you work hard enough, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. This wa...


  • In my humble opinion you have to do both. Write the best you can write and market the best you can market. My marketing has been my weak link. I'm trying to strengthen...
  • This is a very good post, at a time when I HAD been thinking about the writing I didn't accomplish in 2009. I'd like to add to it via my own blog on this site, but haven't figured out how to do it yet . . .
  • I agree with you, Nancy -- I try to keep a similar definition of "success" in mind, too. And yes, I feel like the rest of the day is a breeze if I accomplish my writin...