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  • Started by Rebecca Johns
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    A lot of writers, male and female, have been distressed about the recent statistics published by VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts.  And yet I can't say most writers we...
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  • Started by Meryl Jaffe
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    Blinders and deaf ears! As I sit here frustrated with our 'economic debacle' and how with "accounting," and blaming others. These are not behaviors we should be modeling and teaching our kids.  ...
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  • Started by April Katko
    Frances is 5’3”, whose blue eyes shine when she smiles and she has the most gorgeous long blonde hair. She is ready to get married so as she walks the boardwalk of hom...
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  • Well, I thought about it last night and did mean to shut it all down, but forgot again. This morning had Outlook and my accounting software open. Since both take forev...
  • Sue
    This blog comes following the news yesterday that due to problems with our accounting department , we have lost (at least in theory ) four of our six markets with a ma...
  • I wrote an article on this subject many years ago, so not sure if it's still relevant. I called all the major bookstores at the time (before CreateSpace). Those who re...