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    ...ion     Language: English Version: 3.6.4 ◇Bug fixes Check out jukebeat, a music simulation game like no other, and see how addictive tapping to the beat can be!...
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  • I hear you! It becomes addictive. I'm kicking myself off of wi-fi for the rest of the day! Checking stats on Goodreads is as addictive as crack!
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    ...ntrived ending I imagined when I first started writing the story.       As a writer, I cherish the occasions when I fall into the zone.  It’s as addictive as coffee and chocolate.  And...
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    ...e. And class with Mrs Christenson will seem like a walk in the park after this. Book review: Requiem, Changing Times by R J Parker is fun, addictive and a real page-turner. Fans...


  • with generational issues. You can build a brand based on a Boomer's perspective. But if your women's fiction focuses on women dealing with addictive personalities and your nonfic...
  • ...utiful births! Together we will definitely make this world a better place. Ummmm, about those TJ's "crack nuts" . . . I need to warn you, highly addictive! I feel like a drug pusher! A...
  • ...the waters. If still not sure, put you notes and then in a drawer. If they scream to get out, then it's time. Above assumes you aren't at that addictive midpoint where you are depres...