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  • I can't imagine that additional layer of fear, though I know my husband's father knew it personally. I would do anything to change that, for Adam, and your sons and al...
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    Dear ________________,   This book is not about abortion. It is also not about adoption or child-rearing. It is not pro-life or pro-choice, but it does tell the storie...
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  • Today's goal is 3k and reining in the unexpected plot twist that has me a little away from my outline.  Not too much, though, and it did bring a nice additional layer of conflict to the story.  I was going to say 2k, but it's Friday.  Why not go for it?


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    I teach seminars to executives, give speeches and write books, including bestseller...Influence”. My new book, “A Swift Kick in the Can’ts – the New Peer Mentor Model for Success Now” is now avai...
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    In her Pioneer Girl, novelist Bich Minh Nguyen offers us Lee, a protagonist who is both a thief and a literary sleuth. The morally complex detectives of the best myste...
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    I'm the author of the memoir "Widow's Walk" and four additional books. Dozens of my stories and articles have been published in the US,Canada,England and Israel. My blog is punningly titled In my other life I was an actor. For more,see my website


  • Meghan, appreciate the additional input.  I'm still waffling back and forth over parts of this, but for now I've made my blog "private" with no viewers unless I invite them.  For now, I feel very safe in this.  Over time that may change.
  • Thank you for sharing your experience, Emily. I am a member of Duotrope and find it both encouraging and painful! Encouraging for the reasons you indicate, and painful...
  • I'm on my lunch so can't stay long in one spot (if you catch my drift), however, I converted this post to PDF and will read it when I get time.  Thanks for the additional information and happy holidays!