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    ...e: Writing becomes a cathartic journey, enabling women to confront societal wounds and emerge stronger. The pen becomes a sword, cutting through adversity and fostering resilience....
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    ...I prefer to view it as transcendent. I write in Scrivener but like to edit with pen in hand on paper. Hearing success stories, especially after adversity, are uplifting to me. I'm eag...
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  • Feeling gratitude during hard times can be tough. 10 ways to find grace in spite of life's challenges.


  • ...ears." As many have said in these comments, it is the journey through adversity  that we all find so compelli...printed page. Are there memoir blogs? Are there people talking about adversity from at least a little distan...
  • Mary, what beautiful advice. So much heart, what a stretch, despite adversity, to keep an open mind and heart. Your bravery is inspiring. Look forward to seeing you at Ghost Ranch for...
  • ...the line " becomes something not by wishing to be, but by learning to be".   It's wonderful and inspiring to see that you've overcome this adversity by giant leaps!