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    ...her franchise brands. So how do you uniquely advertise your franchiseto stay ahead o...g a franchise in these conventional modes of advertisement can be remarkably expensi...e you take full advantage of local How to advertise your franchise effectively by...
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    ...fore committing to any service center. What You Should Know Before Taking Your Watch In For Repairs Expertise: The best service centers will advertise their expertise in the type o...
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    ...leave much time for  traditional “marketing” for publication. How do you use your blog?  Do you think of it as a way to publish your work, or to advertise it, or....Would love any comm...
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  • Hi Jorja, I have an author page on facebook that allows me to advertise, put out new information, and communicate with my readers.  I used it and my website to promote my last book and...
  • Thanks for the info, Jennifer.  I'll be doing a GR giveaway soon.  Did you advertise it outside of Goodreads?  I mean paid ads...as well as FB, Twitter, etc.  
  • Find one who was actually an editor at a reputable publishing house. Beware of people who advertise that they're editors, but are only published authors. They have nothing more to offer you than a well chosen CP. Good luck!
  • ...pace at BEA is costly; however, each authors’ financial situation is different. Whatever you decide, your book is your ‘baby,’ and if you do not advertise, it will not sell.
  • ...e information below from a friend concerning advertisement. I offered it to  Authors...next BookExpo America (bea) event is. Also, advertise with National Book Club Confe...e, offer them free shipping. Don’t forget to advertise on local radio and television...
  • I've primarily focused on my blog, facebook, Google+ and Twitter for my social media promotions.  I've been considering using one of those services which advertise the books on your behalf as well (ie Whizzbuzz or Authorlink)  what do you guys think of these services?  Are they effective?
  • ...k, then I think self publishing would be a great way to go. You will need to ask yourself "What percentage of my followers will buy my book if I advertise it to them"? With self publis...