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    ...rtising. For instance, if you were creating a blog post for your website, as part of...
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    ...her franchise brands. So how do you uniquely advertise your franchiseto stay ahead o...g a franchise in these conventional modes of advertisement can be remarkably expensi...e you take full advantage of local How to advertise your franchise effectively by...
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    ...fore committing to any service center. What You Should Know Before Taking Your Watch In For Repairs Expertise: The best service centers will advertise their expertise in the type o...
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    ...leave much time for  traditional “marketing” for publication. How do you use your blog?  Do you think of it as a way to publish your work, or to advertise it, or....Would love any comm...
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  • ...up of 5 disbanded after 7 or 8 years together and I feel lost at sea. I need to find a writing group! She Writes seems like the perfect place to advertise but I don't know where or how...
  • Maybe I should start a writing group for persons writing their memoir. Now where would I advertise to solicit people?
  • ...oir: Facts and Fiction" and many more.  During the three days I'll be offering short radio podcasts, ten minutes, time enough for each author to advertise her's going to be...