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  • I also call myself a wanna-be writer. I’ve been working on a novel for a little more than a year, and I’m currently stuck in edit/re-edit mode. Considering the time, and my...
  • My latest blog for Storytellersunplugged will be up this afternoon. And I can't believe I'll be heading to Anticipation (Worldcon 67), in Montreal next week!
  • This is an interesting idea. I love meeting other writers. I say to begin, keep it simple. There may be a conference for non-fiction or memoir that a bunch of people a...


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    Hope rain holds up re planning for eight mile walk this afternoon. God help me! Enjoy your Sunday!
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    10 Tips to Creating Your Author Wardrobe Several years ago, when my first novel, The Black Velvet Coat was released I had purchased the perfect dress for my launch...
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    Adoptive New Years resolution for 2021. Preparing for another eight miles this afternoon. Will be slow, but sure: my adoptive New Years resolution for 2021. Slow, bu...


  • Just so you know, "Mensa Invitational" is a misnomer. But there is indeed a terrific weekly humor/wordplay contest in the Style (features) section of The Washington Po...
  • My best wishes, Marci - but you don't have to register me for the book giveaway, as I already bought it and have started reading. I look forward to a nice afternoon with it, and I'll put my foot up so as to send you healing energy. Have a good day, and many more to follow.   Mark
  • You're so welcome, Hallie! Storytelling is pretty much my life. I just spent two hours this afternoon walking around my tiny little town with a local writer I'd never met before, talking and talking about storytelling. t is such a wonderful world, the imagination.