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    What if everything you thought about came out onto the paper with no filter from your sense of right and wrong. What if after writing those thoughts/feelings down the...
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  • My Facebook status at the moment:   Dear Small Stones, I'm sorry I was frustrated with you last week, that I didn't always see your potential, or appreciate my time wi...
  • The filter did work, so I'm happy now. Thanks for your opinion, because if anyone didn't like them, they were coming down.


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  • Erika, If you click on "More Filter Options" the option "Payment" comes up and you can select "cash" from the menu.
  • "Grace, I now believe, is the exhaust of ferocity. A clean-burning life will attract the words that have the potential to save us." Wow! I love gratitude and illumination, and I don't think you've lost any of it. I think you're processing it through a new lens or filter--or both. =)
  • Hi Rosie. Sounds like a fantastic read! I am giving a class at the Lake Chapala Writers Conference in February on this exact topic. I will quote you with attribution!...