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  • Hi all, Apologies for the mass-produced postcard, but time is tight here in paradise. Our island shack is the one you see on the flip side between the two coconut pa...
  • Interesting what stays with us, isn't it? A mixture of how clearly-observed the images are, and our own filters I guess. As you say, lots of wonderful writing here. Thanks all.
  • listening without filters; following my heart


  • Last year I signed up and didn't even start a novel because I was so busy with school. This year I am officially writing and will see how I do. Not pressuring myself....
  • I'd like to recommend the submissions tracker in Duotrope and Duotrope in general. Not only does Duotrope maintain a database of over 5000 places to submit that can be...
  • Cathy - true. Rathi - I hear you. I think that what adds to the anxiety is the fact that feedback is practically instantaneous now. There are no filters to soften the blow.