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    ...a autumn so that you can also clean the gutter from debris and be ready to prepare the roof for the harsh winter conditions. Lose shingles and leaks should be taken care of right...
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  • Now that I have met a few deadlines, I can chat a little...   On the RHOA I love Nene Leaks!  She embodies many of the traits of today's Southern Belle.  I also find Phaedra to emula...
  • ...hepherd mix and one irritable tortoiseshell cat. All of the above pee around the house with some regularity, though the son has begun to limit his leaks to around the toilet. The hus...


  • ...emails for herself on her job phone to remind herself to check her court calendar for vacation days, etc.  VMs are great for a frazzled brain that leaks like a sieve.