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  • ...m the airport--depending on where we end up. Texas has 2 international airports (D/FW and Bush Int'l in Houston) but there are many regional airports too. But like I said, it depe...
  • I much prefer trade -- though I think mass market suggests deeper penetration into the market -- grocery strores, airports, etc. But trade is just more pleasurable to read -- the paper is usually nicer too.


  • ┬áThere is ample hate and fear in your country -- terrorist attacks, policemen being shot, protecting felons in sanctuary cities, shootings at airports, shopping centres, Chicago da...
  • A friend of mine approached bookstores in a couple of airports that she frequented. They were delighted and this got her book positioned at the front of the store for quite a while as well as giving her a platform for an evening.
  • ...hrow airport where there are numerous female memoirs. This is worth a letter (or petition) to Hudson Booksellers who it seems to me monopolize US airports. What do you think?