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    This is a growing area (with challenges, to be sure) so I'm starting a new thread. I'm bringing out a book POD (my blog is: whi...
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    Every coloratura lyric soprano has to learn multiple Operatic mad scenes. Good keeps coming out. . . Set in the equally over-the-top worlds of Opera and a modern Jewish family, told with a...
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  • Started by Adeeba Nayab
    After creating synopsis and every thing ready for submission I have discovered that the paypal facility is not available to me.Is there any alternate mean by which I can send the fee.
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    MariaFoo posted a status - link
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    AndrewSaw posted a status - legal alternative to steroids


  • Hi Paulette, I'm following your self-publishing journey (and especially enjoyed the latest ent...tly took on a new client who wants to do an e-book, so it's time for me to learn about "alt...
  • For humanity's sake I would not like to see woman going into combat, or into any occupation legal or otherwise that incites that thing that allows/provokes a human to...
  • Your story resonated with me. I started out set on traditional publishing like a lot o...of my destiny and abandoned the traditional route. I love the She Writes Press model, and look forward to publish...