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    This is a growing area (with challenges, to be sure) so I'm starting a new thread. I'm bringing out a book POD (my blog is: whi...
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    Every coloratura lyric soprano has to learn multiple Operatic mad scenes. Good keeps coming out. . . Set in the equally over-the-top worlds of Opera and a modern Jewish family, told with a...
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    After creating synopsis and every thing ready for submission I have discovered that the paypal facility is not available to me.Is there any alternate mean by which I can send the fee.
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    AndrewSaw posted a status - legal alternative to steroids


  • Anne,  Narrative non-fiction can be a hard sell. Agents are tougher to attract. The option is to spend years going that route or dive into Kindle self-publishing, a to...
  • Hi Cate and Dana, Happy to answer your questions. So if there aren't any books to feature just yet, I would strongly recommend that you make your blog the centerpiece...
  • Thanks, Linda Joy. It's not unlike the online dating trend in a certain way. I'm just old enough to remember a time when if someone took out a personal ad "looking for...