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    Every coloratura lyric soprano has to learn multiple Operatic mad scenes. Good keeps coming out. . . Set in the equally over-the-top worlds of Opera and a modern Jewish family, told with a...
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    Finding the right school for your college-bound teen can be overwhelming or exciting. Check out some practical advice that can ease your anxiety and help you actually...
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    L-R: Mary L. Tabor, Ananda Leeke, Shawna J. Kenney, and Glen Finland Happy First Year Anniversary! Last night I (
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  • Kristin, I've applied to be a writer on She Writes but it says the application is still pending - it's been over a month. I'm a published author who also had a successful blog on Huff Post Divorce. I'd like to write for She Writes!! HELP??
  • Hi Christelle, I'm a published author and blogger on Huff Post Divorce. I've tried to join She Writes for a month now, and it still says that my application is "in process" and I'll receive an e-mail within 24 hours. Can you help me, please?
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    John Michael Koffi’s “Refuge-e: The Journey Much Desired” is a memoirs of his teens _ years he had barely left when he self-published his book earlier this year. It is...


  • I'd like to have a way to track all my agent queries that automatically reminds me to follow up at specific intervals -- e.g., 30 or 60 days. An application like this could also be used by freelance feature writers to keep track of their article queries by subject and by editor.
  • Oh, Tayari, thank you.  This is exactly my life right now.  (Except for the fourth novel part.)  My novel is revised and off to my agent, and I have this great idea fo...
  • I am all for expanding the definition here (I'm working on a residency application right now). So I'm with you most of the way here, Anna. Just not so sure about posts...