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    Hi All, I've recently published my first romantic comedy, She Sins at Midnight, to some great reviews. I'm looking for a literary agent that reps the genre. I would be most appreciative for any recommendations. Thanks so much!
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  • I thought your timing was fine. To note, I have a FB account and I am a stickler about who I choose to be on my page. Thus, am appreciative of your time and concern.
  • Hi Kim. I'm sharing this info I have about Twitter. Thanks for prompting it!   Twitter Overview & Tip Sheet     What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking and...


  • Nice tips, Meghan. I'm drawn to posts with quirky titles and writing (or pictures). Interaction through comments is very satisfying, and it might make that blogger's day if she receives appreciative feedback.
  • I've only just completed the first draft of my novel. But in anticipation of things to come -- acquiring an agent, publication, and sales -- I'm so appreciative of the heads-up. Many thx.
  • Oh man Kathleen -- I too languished on the midlist my first time around! And I'm very happy to be taking this into my own hands this time around, especially with She W...