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    If a client wants to see samples of my work, I'll approach it in a couple of different ways. First, I'm n...eral, my own influence is still present here and there. The second approach I use is by providing a snipp...
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    ...ortant roles in the estate planning. Professionals are using the tax minimization strategies that will reduce estate tax. It can be an effective approach. Moving Further, if you wa...
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    ...and it affects the life of many. But the happy news is that we can tackle this issue effectively with an implementation of proper time management approach. As a professional trainer...
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    When we act opposite to the wisdom within, we may think we are failures. When we take on the teacher-learner approach to life, we are not failures, but students. Students learn. Make this lifetime great!
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    A Craft Lesson: "No Ideas but in (Beautiful) Things" at Brevity. A different approach to Show Don't Tell.
  • Stacey Johnson posted a status how you look now, stranger, like another trapped in strangeness, and I look up when I see you coming and unless I see fear in your eyes at my approach I will likely not move exactl...


  • Bad reviews is a really big concern for a lot of new and established writers, but I think Carlino's approach is very mature and healthy. Art is so subjective that it's bound to get bot...
  • What a lovely, educational and inspiring article. It really took me away from my own familiar writing process where I learned a new approach to creating. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • ...full, I am going ask, “where is the love here?” and move things off that list that don’t satisfy the love. I can enjoy many ordinary tasks when I approach them with love, and the harde...