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  • I love this, Jane. It is evocative and riveting. I'm impressed that the line about the boy's crayons tells so much about the girl. An inspiration, you are. Peace. Jan...
  • In Chicago, the Peggy Notabaert Museum, Kohl's Childrens Museum, Chicago Botanic Garden... off the top of my head. Helen Gallagher
  • How I Stopped Resisting and Returned to the First-Person Voice I keep going back to that month I spent at the Banff Centre for the Arts almost four years ago. Never b...


  • Tania-looking forward to it! Don't know if I mentioned that when I was at U of Chicago, I woked at NORC (National Opinion Research Center) creating and field testing s...
  • Thank you, Brooke.  I also read her bio and came away with a bad impression. My husband's cousin worked for her in Chicago when her show was starting. 
  • The conversation in the comments below helped me tremendously in writing this post about the Chicago SlutWalk: Thank you for helping me wrap my head around not only what I feel but what I wanted to say.