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  • £486 on marketing? 2% of total budget?!!! Gosh, if that's true, I'd love to know what tricks they pull!!! Makes me think : what do THEY classify as marketing? It's a g...
  • Started by Julie Jeffs
    Last reply by Angela Kelsey
    To: Victoria Sandbrook, Renee G, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, Catherine Dowman, Rochelle Ritchie Spencer, Christi Craig, E. Victoria Flynn, and Angela Kilsey. All seven o...
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  • I'm brand spanking new to all this, definitely not a "joiner" and here I am volunteering!  Sign me up to assist.  Laguna Beach, California.
  • Last reply by Susan Rich Friedman
    I've found another SheWrites member willing to "swap" manuscripts so we can offer one another our critiques.  But I got to wondering - how do we know someone won't ste...
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  • Started by Morgan Baden
    GWN likes to start the festive holiday season early! On Thursday, November 5, join us for our annual Holiday Soiree and letter-writing party. It runs from 6PM to 9PM -...
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  • Northwest Montana or nearby...happy to volunteer or coordinate/assist.
  • I know of several books on the issue -- mine was published in 2006, The Dandelion Spirit.  Each one adds to the conversation, enhances the dialogue and creates space f...
  • Started by Cathy
    Ellis Island Very Important Most ancestors come through there Heard the stories yet? By Catherine Richardson Childish Games Why do we say child It’s adults that pla...
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  • Started by Candy Fite
    Last reply by lisa terry
    Alrighty, ladies, here's my first attempt at a proposal. Yikes, this is completely foreign to me. With the research I've done, this is what I've come up with. A bit of...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    We can never be too careful. Regardless of how meticulous we are with our personal belongings, we could misplace them one day. Losing your home or car key is frustrati...
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