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  • Started by Eugenia
    Hi Ladies, I am more than happy to be a member of this group and hear your voices! I am a 'beginner' writer - meaning that even thought I have been writing (with some...
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  • Started by MT Bostick
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    I have written the following loglines After being hospitalized for bipolar, a woman battles to hang on to her sanity and convince people that thee world is being invad...
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  • Started by Elayne Zalis
    Last reply by Dana Lynn Smith
    I would like to market my novel, Arella's Repertoire, but I don't know where to begin. The novel is available on Amazon as a paperback and as an ebook for the Kindle....
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  • Colleen Green posted a status
    By day, I write technical reports and proposals for my firm on the glamorous topic of US foreign assistance, financial inclusion, economic growth, poverty reduction an...
  • Tishawn Marie posted a status
    I need some assistance. I'm trying to post a new article, but I cannot find the location on my page to do so. I look forward to hearing back from someone. Thank you!
  • Jane Gassner posted a reply
    Hi Deirdre....Well, my quick answer to your last question is, "by answering messages." But that would require, keeping up with the various places that messages are pos...


  • Annette Drake commented on her article Time to Quit...Again
    Hi, Patricia. I would be happy to explain my move.  I started my author blog/website with back in February of 2013. I had been happy with it, but after I...
  • What a great article! Yes, characters with mental health struggles are complex and how that characteristic serves to raise the stakes in a story can take so many diffe...
  • I am relatively new to She Writes and for that reason have not referred to it often, but have enjoyed keeping informed and occasionally commenting on a post. Here are...