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    ...g.When you start knowing more about the method, you will find there are different ways of fat removal for different areas. The applicator that is attached to the body depends on the co...
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  • ...Germany most of the year, but also in France, Cyprus and Greece with my nuclear and extended family. As stipulated by your guidelines, I've attached the synopsis of Golden Shana:...
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  • Started by Laura G Owens
    Hello, I was accepted to blog for Huffington Post in February. I had emailed Arianna Huffington directly with my pitch and attached the full piece. She wrote back that night, thanked m...
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    ...- Articles sent to us should be original and previously unpublished. - Writers may include up to 2images for each Article. These images should be attached to the Email sent to us. - Im...
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  • Yes, that's fine. Pls use my website to email me in future. Also please adhere to guidelines, attached. Thanks, Elayne
  • Hello everyone. I'm @whenwelisten on twitter.  I have my blog attached to twitter so I can tweet my blog. I mostly blog poetry but am looking to get more reader involvement and more twitter interaction as well. Lets connect and assist each other. Lori
  • ...But I still don't know how it is going to come out since I don't know the language. Plus, I'm doing it on the mega cheap. In the end, I can't be attached to the resulting translation...
  • ...the VA has found to help our veterans suffering with PTSD. It's long overdue. If you know someone dealing with this disorder, please forward the attached link, and thank you for carin...
  • Okay Pub-Mates, I took a deep breath and hit 'send' with my Tip Sheet attached. I couldn't reread it another time. I did my best with the publicity part and will welcome any revisions Brooke offers. Now I can go buy that Anniversary card! Best wishes to all of you on getting yours in. Roberta
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    ...nking, "Great, so how do I do this?" Well, ask for it - and you do so in your book. I have been testing all of these ideas with a book that isn't attached to me. We're not going public...
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