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    Hello! This is my first experience participating in She Writes! and my first time doing...
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  • Started by Carmen Knight
    Hi, My name is Carmen and Im part of new writing magazine called Write Mag. We are looking for inspiring stories of about 200-300 words on how did you get published?...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    The state of Oregon is home to a variety of attractions that are incredibly unique...een Aviation & Space Museum, which has a large collection of historic aircraft models. Shreveport’s Splash Kin...
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  • My very late response… the weather is sunny, sunny, sunny… and has been for the past few days… which makes for a stunning fall day! I'm working on an article for iQues...


  • Anniqua Rana posted a status
    Such an inspiring event from the whole Play on Words Group
  • Hello, I love so much your writings its really inspiring
  • Linda Weaver Clarke posted a status
    The Inspiring Story Behind One Last Dance: Often times we hear about authors who write a story based upon a dream they had, but that never happened to me until now. On...


  • Michele, this morning I listened to the teleconference phone call you posted on your c...women's studies at Georgia State University (1998) and going into a different mode of my life. Now I have discov...
  • Thanks Ilie! Very inspiring, fired me up to write my daring truths!
  • ...beautiful art and inspiring perspective.