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    ...started playing it. The graphics were NICE and some reactions were funny. Then I started downloading the series of “Henry Stickman.” Overall it’s awesome and I recommend it to a frien...
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    ...few tips for you. Here are some things you can include while planning your wedding party in order to make it unique and memorable. 1) Have an awesome art: Instead of the tradition...
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  • Sounds awesome!


  • Colleen Green posted a status
    ...c growth, poverty reduction and a host of other things that people read about in the Economist and New York Times International Section. It is an awesome job that lets me travel, see...
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    ...’s button and gets ZZZZZZAPPED! Suddenly, he isn’t a normal kid anymore, he’s Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy! The human magnet! But what seems like an awesome superpower gets Mickey into m...
  • Awesome, awesome article, Nancy! Thank you so much - my memoir "Birth of a New Brain - Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder" will be published by Post Hill Press in just 2 months and I have plenty to do! ;)


  • Reedsy is a platform that I've recently been introduced to and I've been going back and forth about joining it! It seems like a really great community. I'm also familiar with Upwork. I'll be keeping in mind all of these other awesome suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing them!
  • ...course, I love reading those cliches as much as the next person, but I've always veered more towards realism in my character creation! This is an awesome article! Thank you! ^^
  • This is an awesome post of your journey from print to audio book. Thank you for your insight. I have to ask though, is the audio book worth the extra dollars and work? Are they guaranteed more sales than e-books? Just curious.