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  • Mercedes: the only reason I could even afford a Macbook Air this year was getting a bonus from my day-job. :) I was coveting my friend's Mac Powerbook Pro but the pric...
  • "You are running on reserve battery..."
  • Started by David Riley
    For Ipod Hack Mod App Clear Vision 3 Mac (On Ios)     Clear Vision 3 cheats     Genres=Adventure; I'm only a few hours into the gam...
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  • I write best at Borders and Barnes & Nobles. Unfortunately, today when I went, I couldn't get a seat near a plug before my battery ran down. So I came home and wrote instead.
  • This is where Excel comes in. I have an sheet called BY DATE. It does what you say in #2 ... A year-round column for those that accept year round, then it goes by mont...