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    For beginner writers. Hi! I'm new to she writes and am a very beginner when it comes to...
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    ...ility.  You can adjust the device to a learner mode if you are still a beginner driver...
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  • Started by Carolyn Robinson
    Hello, Claire! Thanks for creating this group of beginner writers! I've been writing for several years, ho...manuscript, I'm researching marketing and publishing. I feel like a beginner because there is so much info...
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  • Started by Sasha Retana
    can anyone recommend a worthwhile online writing course for a beginner? thank you!
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  • Last reply by Leah J. Hans
    I am starting a blog and wondering if anyone had suggestions on what sites are best for a beginner.  FatCow, BlueHost,, etc.  There are so many, its overwhelming.  Thanks!
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  • Thank you for this post. I must say, this really got me thinking and it's very helpful information. I'm a beginner with dreams of becoming a writer and author. I'm very happy and ex...
  • ...ates power a flexible and simple interface which improvement of this time. wordpress provides web server web host and domain which used to an wp beginner free and easy.
  • ...classes when I was younger. After moping for a little while about missed opportunities, I decided to just pretend I was in my 20s again and be a beginner with plenty of writing years...