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  • Started by Cami Hensley
    This is just a heads up that our Summer Promotion is still going on, but time may be running out depending on which service you are interested in. All Tours/PROMO's mus...
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  • Started by Emily Roxin
    ...I will suggest going Columbus Airport Marriott. It's very near to airport and they have some discount deals on online booking. Use Marriott Coupons to get discount on early booking to make your trip less expens...
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  • Liz... your post got me moving. Took your advice, sent out an email with my press packet and BINGO! my first B&N booking will be Salem, MA, where I have family and friends, while I'm back East for the Jewish Book Network!  Thank you for the inspiration!


  • the air. Your clients, your courses, your articles and blog posts. Your shipping of books and teaching of conferences. Your writing books and booking venues for conferences. Your...
  • Wonderful! When did you begin the process of booking signings? What did you supply to the owner/manager of the venues? Thank you.
  • ...of producers of radio and TV public affairs shows who book guests.  Ads aren't cheap, but I'll bet they are competitive with the airfares you are booking!